Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kate's Birthday - Part Two!

The week after Kate's birthday, my parents came out for a visit, so of course we had another celebration with them!   =)   More super fun things to open and enjoy... including an absolutely darling apron that Aunt Vicki made out of a antique dishtowel! 

Kate had lots of fun entertaining Grandma and Papa while they were here.  It's a full-time job, you know!
Playing with the turtle maze Papa made
Coloring with Grandma (note the stickers adorning her shirt)
Papa's computer also got hit by sticker patrol
On a walk (with our purse, just in case we need to buy something)

We also made a trip to the new Bass Pro Shop here.  I mostly suggested it for my dad, but I was surprised how kid-friendly it was!  Kate loved it.  

John showed Kate a pink rifle and she started using it like a putter.  He was proud.
Kate had to show Papa a boat she found, like his
Those fish gross me out... however Kate didn't mind them at all

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