Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Kate is so very loved!  She got sent four different valentines (none of which were from us... whoops.) 

She gets super excited opening mail now, which is pretty fun to watch.  Thank you sweet family and friends for always thinking of us!!

Admiring her drawing from buddies, Emile & Ogden
And her "bee mine" from cousins Paul & Emily

Getting ready with Mommy on Valentines Day- only find out she's staying home with a sitter =)


  1. ohh, what did you do for your vday date?? That should have been included in post. :)

    1. We went out for dinner to The Rabbit Hole... it was our first time, and I highly recommend it! Super cute, cozy & chic. Then we went to the Broadmoor Play Lounge for dessert and bowling - so, so fun. I love our home-body nights at home... but there's just something about getting all dressed up and going out with my hubby. It's the best. =)