Sunday, January 19, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (almost a month ago)  =)  We had such a great time with John's family in Kansas. We got there early which let the guys get some year-end work done, and let us all do some Christmas-y things together... making cookies, visiting with friends, watching Christmas movies. Kate went to her first movie (not counting movies she slept through as a baby) while we were there. "It's A Wonderful Life" was playing at a old-time theater, and we all went! Granted, Kate played on my phone during the second half of the movie - but still. First movie fun, nonetheless. =)

I've always LOVED Christmas - but it is so much more fun with kids. And with Uncle Grant and Aunt Addie expecting a baby in July (woohoooo), they'll get to add to the fun next year!

The Family

I wanted a picture of Kate going to her first movie... doesn't she look thrilled?

Popcorn did wonders to keep her entertained for the first half

Getting to work - crunching numbers with Daddy

Wrapping gifts with Mommy

Christmas cookies

Christmas movies

Visiting with our friends, Aaron and Amanda

Dueling guitars with Uncle Robert 

John's mom kept tons of their childhood toys, which Kate absolutely loves

Going to church

yaaawwn... Christmas Eve! It was late and Kate was pretty tired, but she still loved opening her gifts

Trying to keep her eyes open, but determined to ride that giraffe!

Just gonna lay down here for a minute

Christmas morning and much more awake

Loving her baby doll set!

Love to you all, from The Shaidas

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