Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Elephant

Kate was an elephant for Halloween  =)   I got the costume super cheap last year, hoping it would fit... and it did! 

Hi elephant!
Getting acquainted with her costume 
Pulling at her tail & saying uh-oh 

We made some stops around our neighborhood, then grabbed dinner and headed to Great Grandpa's house.  After the first couple of houses, Kate had the whole -walk to the door & get candy- thing, down pat.
Here, Mommy!
Our neighbor, Ian, introducing Kate to Nerds candy
Stopping at our clubhouse for hot cider... and more candy
Trick or Treat!
The elephant eating fried chicken
We're finally here, Grandpa!
All tuckered out...

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  1. So cute! What a great halloween for your little family. We do Manitou Trick or Treating every year, maybe you can join us next year if you're interested. It would have been so cute to get Ogden and Kate together in their costumes. A little robot and a little elephant. Maybe next time we get together we should bring the costumes...seriously. I want to.