Monday, August 19, 2013


Kate is a BIG fan of doggies these days! We see them a lot because everyone has a dog in Colorado (except us... John doesn't care for hates dogs). They're all over our neighborhood so our walks are filled with Kate woof-woof'ing to the dogs she sees/hears. Or just to loud cars or airplanes that she thinks are doggies.

On our last Old Navy trip, Kate discovered the talking doggy bench. She was in love...

Mommy, look!!!

Kisses! Because I kiss everything now! Even though Mommy is kinda grossed out at the moment! 

Woof-woof! (Kate's woof is a closed-mouth woof... which comes out more like "boof")

Mom says we have to go now, but we'll come back soon... cuz we like to shop

Love you, doggy!

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  1. Cute! I think Kate would love a rolly polly old dog named Ophelia...