Monday, June 3, 2013

12 Months Old

I realized last week that I never did Kate's 12 month old post - just her birthday party post.  Oops!!  Then I got pretty tied up with a sick little girl who wanted a whole lot of Mommy time.  This meant lots of holding, cuddling, singing, rocking and loving on.  It interrupted life a bit... but with Kate growing up so fast, I tried to relish these moments of neediness.  :)

Kate seems to have grown so much older, bigger, smarter in this last month.  It's amazing how different she is in just a matter of weeks!  

At 12 Months Old, Kate: 

  • walks while holding onto things like furniture or the coffee table
  • loves Baby Einstein - especially Baby MacDonald with all the animals
  • has favorite foods like peanut butter toast, bananas, yogurt, applesauce, pasta and pizza!
  • drinks from a sippy cup, but still has a bottle in the morning and at night
  • claps excitedly when we say "Yaaaay!"
  • cries for a little, when dropped off at the nursery :(  but then quickly decides she likes it there  :)
  • waves bye-bye
  • weighs 19 lbs and is 28.5 inches long

Our big girl!

She's gonna be driving before we know it

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