Thursday, February 14, 2013

9 Months Old

Kate is growing and changing so much!  All of the sudden, I feel like she's such a big girl now.  I've caught myself several times this last month, trying to stop and just soak up this season because I know it's going to be gone soon.  So thankful for it all though... 

At 9 Months Old, Kate:
  • is crawling on her hands and knees allllll over the place
  • likes to play with anything she shouldn't - remotes, phones and computers especially... which means she's learning "no" pretty well
  • loves seeing herself in pictures and videos 
  • has had 3 teeth for a month - that 4th is still hiding
  • is in 9 month clothes!  It's been awhile since her age and clothing size have matched up  :)
  • still sleeps great at night, but her naps are a bit more work now.  (Almost every nap time, she'll play in her crib for 30 mins or so before finally giving up and falling asleep - even though she's plenty tired when I lay her down.  Someone suggested that I take any toys out of her crib... yeah, there's no toys in there.  Just her bedding.  Which is apparently enough to occupy her for 30 mins, twice a day!)
  • loves trying new foods - her favorites are bananas, yogurt, toast and cheese slices
  • weighs 15.5 lbs and is 27 inches long

There's the 3 teeth!

Happy Valentine's Day!