Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Months Old

Lots of changes this past month!  Kate seems like a little person now, with such a personality.  We just love it  :) 

At 7 Months Old, Kate:
  • is still talking up a storm!  And she's laughing more now - Daddy helps a lot in this area
  • sits up on her own - topples over on her own, too
  • is super ticklish
  • puts EVERYTHING in her mouth (as evidenced by picture #2 below)
  • eats stage 2 solid foods
  • is wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
  • still sleeping 10 hours at night, taking 2 naps during the day
  • weighs 11.43 lbs and is 25 inches long

And here's a little hello from Johnny Appleseed....

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