Monday, October 8, 2012

John's Bday

Jim Gaffigan is a favorite comedian of ours, and a few weeks ago I decided to see if he was touring anywhere near us.  Turns out he was performing in Denver on John's birthday weekend!  I scored some great tickets and told John I was planning a surprise evening.  

We got in the car Saturday night and I told him to drive north on the highway... and as we approached Denver, directed him to downtown.  We parked and then I walked him over to H&M - a fabulously cheap, trendy clothing store that's new to Denver.  John got some smokin hot clothes (both because of their price, and because of how good he looks in them).  :)  I'd like to point out that I was successful in making this stop strictly for John... I didn't look at/buy anything for myself!

I know you can't really see him, but trust me - it's John

Next up I took him to a great little restaurant that I had found on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - family owned and operated, Sam's No. 3 diner.  We both got yummy, greasy cheeseburgers... fries were my side, and a little crock of mac & cheese was John's.  (How can you not love a place that offers a mac&cheese crock as a side??)  And then John FORCED me to share a chocolate shake with him.  [John: You wanna split a chocolate shake?  Me: Yep.]  

I love this fella.

Then it was time for the show!  I walked us over to the theater... and luckily we didn't see any signage outside, so John still had no clue what we were doing.
Heading into the theater - the surprise continues
At our seats... and now he finally knows we're seeing Jim Gaffigan

The show was ABSOLUTELY hysterical - we loved it.  He did a bunch of new material, and then closed with some of his prior stuff:  bacon... hot pockets... McDonalds.  (Have you heard him talk about the bonus fry at the bottom of your McDonalds bag?  Kills me.)

Such a fun night celebrating my amazing hubby.  Love you so much, babe!

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