Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3 Months Old

Every month Kate is changing so much!  Originally I thought that doing a monthly picture/post to chronicle everything would be a bit redundant.  But I'm so glad I decided to, because it seems like every few weeks she's doing something new and different.  I love being this little girl's mama!

At 3 Months Old, Kate: 
  • loves rattles and teething toys (EVERYTHING goes in her mouth), baths - which is quite the switch from last month, riding in the car... and after multiple road trips to Indiana and Kansas, we are sooo thankful that she loves it
  • hates having her hands constrained - we gave up on trying to swaddle those things
  • "somewhat tolerates" tummy time now... which is also quite an improvement to last month
  • sleeps 6 hours stretches during the night, and takes great naps during the day
  • is quite the movie theatre fan - she's seen slept through Avengers, Battleship, Spiderman and Batman
  • her hair has changed from dark brown, to red and is now finally starting to blonde!
  • (don't have a weight/height for this month since we haven't had a doctor's visit)

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