Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still hangin on!

So even though I started early labor 3 weeks ago... babygirl has stayed put and is apparently still comfycozy in her spot!  We'll keep everyone posted for sure, but for now - no real changes.  I'm doing good - a bit uncomfortable as the days have gone by, but soooo excited to meet her SOON.  We've been ready for over 2 weeks, with the nursery all set up, bags packed and by the door and the car seat in the car.  :)  

A few weeks ago, John decided to change his ringtone for me (which was previously Baby by Justin Beiber.  A little known fact about my husband... he's a Beiber fan) to this audio clip from Gone With the Wind (click here to listen).  Makes me laugh everytime it goes off.

Here's a current pic of me in my 9-months-pregnant glory!  Hopefully the next update pic will look a lot different, with our baby girl here with us.  

Stay tuned!!!


  1. You keep hanging on girl! Based on your stats, I'm so surprised she's not here. But that will all feel like a distant memory as soon as she is. I cannot WAIT to meet her.

  2. Girl you're so cute I love reading your blog I need your new number I have a new number 2. Can't wait to see pics