Saturday, February 4, 2012

Handy Hubby

We've been busy getting things around the house, ready for baby.  Just 10 weeks to go, which I can't believe!  (Although I'm trying to plan like we only have 8 weeks to go, in case she comes early.  We'll see how that all pans out.  Could backfire on me.)

John has been so helpful through my pregnancy and now that we're getting our home ready, it seems like he's constantly working on something to make everything perfect for our Baby Girl.  This pics are just from the last week!   

Assembling our crib!

He did this so quick, I barely had time to snap a pic

Putting together the swing - a early gift from Grandma Shaida!

Oh the cuteness.  It not only has a birdie mobile, but also bunny ears and feet where baby lays :)  
And a big job that John's been working on is building me a "pantry"
He's added shelving to our stairwell that leads down to our basement - I LOVE IT!

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