Monday, July 4, 2011

Continuing to catch up on posts...

Had some great a family time in the October.  We did a long weekend in Wisconsin with the Shaidas and then a couple weeks later my sister had her baby and I was off to Nashville to see her.  It was a full month, but the perfect kind of full.

Our trip to Wisconsin with John's family was timed perfect to see some beautiful Fall foliage.  The colors were just amazing.  While the guys spent the trip golfing, Mom and I kept busy by doing some shopping :)  and then actually took a cooking class together.  It was so fun!

Beautiful views
Out on the course

Time to cook!
Learning how to fill the ravioli with butternut squash puree - YUMMM

Making gnocchi (which just happens to be a favorite of John's) 

Later in the month, John sent me to Nashville to meet my second niece who was just born.  I spent the weekend taking care of big brother Padrick, while Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital.  I had such a great time - this kid is cracks me up!

I got Padrick dressed and we decided to wear his Braves hat.  Had no idea that would be a bad call...
Driving on the HIGHWAY to the hospital, Padrick decides to see what would happen if he stuck his hat out the window! 
 So Aunt Kelly tries to find it (amazingly I did!)  So I pull off on a exit, run down the HIGHWAY to retrieve it and give it back to Padrick - promptly turning on the child window lock for the rest of the drive. 
Here she is!!  Sydney Bennett Feller.  (I love her sweet name...  reminds me of Pride & Prejudice) 
Playing games to stay occupied while we wait to get released
Yeaaa!  Time to go home... Daddy, Mommy and baby Sydney

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