Sunday, May 15, 2011


For my birthday in June, I got a fabulous surprise!  I had to go up to Denver for work that morning.  Since it was my birthday, John said he would come and take me to Grand Lux for lunch.  (Lux is a FAV of mine. Their Chicken Lettuce Wraps w/ fresh mint and peanut sauce? oh.dear.  And get an order of their Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies to take home - it's a must.)  John picked me up and we head into the restaurant.  He's acting a little goofy as we talk to the hostess, and I actually thot - maybe my co-workers are meeting us?  We head back to a table and my oldest sister, Christi (who lives in Indiana!) stands up from a booth... and I lose it!  I'm standing in the middle of the restaurant hugging her, crying, laughing, yelling at John, etc.  It was the best.  

Annie (our family's nickname for Christi) spent several days with us - which means several days of laughing.  I lived with Christi while John and I were dating (and well before) so the 3 of us have lots of fun memories together.  John & Christi were good friends and apparently used to talk about us as a couple, before he actually asked me out.  Thanks for being there for those talks, Annie.  :)

Taking pics in our backyard
Trying to introduce Annie to Lucy, the bunny who lives in our backyard
Lucy doesn't stay put very well
And more laughing...
Trying to stretch my cheeks out
We love you Annie!

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  1. I loved seeing pics of you and your Sis. I can see a lotta love in those pics. See-you seriously should be blogging all the time.