Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Terrified by Kara DioGuardi

So last week on American Idol one of the girls sang a song I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with. She said it was called Terrified and was written by Kara, one of the Idol judges. (For the record, I'm personally not a big fan of Kara - but I won't get into all that.) But in the 2 minutes this girl sang part of the song, I knew I wanted to track it down. The show continued on... and I probably fell asleep on the couch or something, cuz I totally forgot about that song after that point.

Fast forward a week to Valentine's Day. We decided on a romantic evening at home, and my adorable husband has made me a gourmet dinner, complete with candlelight and music. (He loves Gordan Ramsay and got recipes for his Salmon en Croute, Minted Basil Potatoes and Garlic Broccoli Saute - you have no idea how good this food was!! FOR REAL!) So before we sit down to watch a movie (Paper Heart with Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi - so cute), he brings out his guitar and has a surprise song to sing for me. Sure enough - he had tracked down "Terrified" and figured out the chords to it. I sat there squealing, grinning and tearing up as my favorite voice in the world, sang my new favorite song to me.

So have you heard the song?? Apparently Katherine McPhee covered it on her new album (another chic I'm not a huge fan of). But her version is a little different than the acoustic version John did.

If you wanna hear it, here's a video of Kara performing the acoustic version with the guy she wrote it with (Jason Reeves who writes for Colbie Calliat). Some "witty" banter before and after - but feel free to skip that. :)

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