Monday, December 22, 2008

Tall, nonfat PSL, 1 splenda

Why does a Starbucks (I will accept no substitutes) pumpkin spice latte instantly make my morning better? Sigh. I drove into work this morning, so not wanting to be here. It's the day before Christmas Eve and even though I love my job, I'd rather be watching Christmas movies or baking cookies, or better yet - both. But the reality is, I have quite the list of things to accomplish at work before we leave for Kansas this afternoon. (We're heading to Wichita to be with John's family for the holiday!) I figured a Starbx stop was in order. Boy was I right. I get to work and sit down in my cold chair. I turn on my Christmas music and pick up that wonderful cup of yummyness (which has now cooled off to the perfect temperature for my drinking preference). Suddenly all is right with the world. Amy Grant Christmas is coming through my speakers and my pumpkin spice latte is warming me up quickly. I'm ready to start that list...

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I'll write more over the holidays, but until then - enjoy this season. And to my precious family who I won't be with... I love you and miss you so. Peds, have a great time in MN and kiss my little magician for me! (Here Paul is, in his box o'leaves - how cute is he??)

Annie, Mom/Dad and Fellers - have a wonderful time together for a Tender Tennessee Christmas. "It's the only Christmas for me!" Tell peanut that Uncle John and Aunt Kelly love him. (And here's Padrick in one of his adorable Christmas pictures. Look at that face - I love it!!)

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